September 2022, Congrès et Expositions de Bordeaux becomes BEAM. By becoming Bordeaux Event And More, we enter a new era.

As a true ambassador of the city of Bordeaux, we actively participate in the attractiveness of the territory and the influence of the Bordeaux brand. To want to make Bordeaux grow is also to grow with it.

Our era is a wonderful playground for those who like to take on challenges.

The economic, energy, environmental, social and technological challenges we face require us to find better, more creative, more responsible, more concrete and more collective solutions.

A paradigm shift that is a real driver for us, a source of additional motivation. And it constantly pushes us to engage with our clients, our audiences and our partners.

We are no longer simply operators of sites dedicated to professional tourism, nor even simple organizers of trade shows or fairs, we are “meeting creators”:

  • Human
  • Responsible
  • Innovative
  • Experiential
  • International

Let us be inspired and we will become inspiring.

Let’s become even more … This is the strength of this “MORE” that embodies us and that pushes us to be more human, more responsible, more innovative, closer, more radiant… More BEAM!

Our Know-How

We are connexion creators!

We shape your meetings, business creators and emotion generators… our team has at heart to conceive high quality events thanks to its know-how and its experience. Alone or in co-production, we design events from A to Z…

We host our clients’ events.

BEAM operates 5 emblematic sites for business tourism in Bordeaux, with infrastructures that offer modularity and complementarity: the Palais des Congrès, the Parc des Expositions, the Palais 2 l’Atlantique, Hangar 14 and the Cité Mondiale Convention Center.

This collection of venues enables us to attend all our clients needs and projects, whether for professionals or the general public, regional, national or international in scope, intimate or large-scale, classic or unexpected…

Congresses, trade shows, conventions, gala evenings, competitions, corporate meetings, customized events... lets’s imagine the possibilities together !

Our Team

Qualified, motivated and committed

Our strength is our diversity!

BEAM brings together more than 100 employees, men and women from different backgrounds all driven by the same passion: events!

A versatile team, rich in know-how and committed to an ever more virtuous approach.

What drives us? The satisfaction of a job well done, the will to surpass oneself and the pride of a successful event.

We can do it !

Orientation and Supervisory Board

Philippe AUTRAN,BEAM president



Sylvie CAZES


Florence GHIRON


Alexandre PAROT

Dominique PIONNEAU



CEB Association, represented by Philippe AUTRAN

Board of directors

Stéphane Kintzig, Chief Executive Officer of Bordeaux Events And More

Nicolas Caron, Director of Legal Affairs and Institutional Relations

Floriane Chanalet-Quercy, Sales and Marketing Director

Delphine Demade, Director of Production for Professional Events

Pierre Gatipon, Director of Infrastructure and Operations

Valérie Ginestet, Financial Director

Vincent Montury, Director of Digital Solutions

Marie Ribault, Director of Human Resources

Our capacity for innovation

BEAM, an actor of change

Our team has been committed for several years to a global approach to digitalization and has made it one of the strong points of its strategy.

Launched in 2015, the « BEAM Lab » is based on a call for projects from the regional digital ecosystem. The principle of this real “incubator” of ideas: BEAM makes its events, buildings and spaces available to digital players, enabling them to participate in experiments and demonstrations.

In short: test “live” their services or other innovative tools!

Several experiments around connected objects, dynamic visitor mapping and data-analysis have already been implemented in 2015. This global digitalization program is reflected in a cross-functional and collaborative corporate project. It brings together representatives from different departments within the company in a working group called “BEAM Connect“.

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