Account Manager

Tiphaine is our specialist in “last minute” requests. If you need to schedule an event in less than 4 months, she’s your person! Our account manager is professional, flexible, rigorous, and handles every situation with calm efficiency and always with a smile.

Hello Tiphaine, what are your responsibilities at BEAM?

I have an unusual position at BEAM because I manage all short-term event requests, from 1 week to 4 months. This position was created in 2016 in response to a major trend in the events sector of increasingly late decision-making.

These unique situations make for a unique position. I’m the client’s only contact person. I combine sales, business manager and technical sales assistant responsibilities. I’m a little like a Russian doll! At each new stage of the project, I manage the new tasks on my own. I monitor the project from start to finish, the quote, contract, management of service providers, on-site presence and invoicing. These “last minute” requests are mainly for corporate meetings, general meetings, seminars or even graduation ceremonies. My favourite venues are the Centre des Congrès Cité Mondiale and the Palais des Congrès, which have all the features needed to host this type of event.

Tell us about your career at BEAM

I’m a “baby beamer” (laughs). I grew up with Congrès et Expositions de Bordeaux and now BEAM. It’s been 20 years already! I first arrived for an internship in 2002, and managed the “accommodation” service for VINEXPO as part of my Tourism training. I had to find homestay accommodation for national and international participants. At that time, the hotel capacity of Bordeaux could not meet such a high demand. Then I continued with a temporary position as a sales assistant with the opening of the Palais des Congrès in 2003, before signing a permanent contract in 2004. And the rest is history…     

What do you like most about your work?

Monitoring the progress of an event from start to finish. As the only contact person for clients, I handle sales responsibilities and actions in the field. I love it all!

What other occupation would you have liked to pursue?

I studied tourism. I am passionate about travel and curious to discover new cultures and landscapes. I would have loved to be a “mystery shopper” who tests hotels and tourist activities around the world.

What event do you dream of hosting in Bordeaux?

We just discussed travel and so my natural choice would be a tourism trade fair. There are so many destinations and new ways to travel. I would like to bring together all the tourism professionals and travel enthusiasts in Bordeaux.

What is your office morning routine?

Always start the day with a good coffee, then say hi to my colleagues before checking my email…

What’s one thing you love about Bordeaux?

The Chartrons neighbourhood. Which is perfect because I get to enjoy it when I work at the Cité Mondiale. I love the atmosphere, the old stones, cobbled streets, antique shops, little shops, and flowers on the balconies. Strolling through the historic district of Bordeaux is truly delightful.

Bordeaux Events And More. What do you bring to BEAM?

My consistent good mood! In our business, that’s a real plus!

And what does your team say about you?

#attentive #cheerful #conscientious #bubbly #supercolleague

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