Scientific and medical congresses, Bordeaux is preparing for a comeback

Medical and scientific congress organisers are preparing for their professional events to resume starting in September 2021. Our health experts, who strongly mobilized in response to the health crisis, also need opportunities to meet, move forward on thematic issues, and share their experiences and progress in their respective areas.

We will be hosting a dozen scientific and medical congresses between September and December 2021. They will be organised by professional congress organisers (PCOs), in connection with learned societies or leading practitioners in the field from the Nouvelle Aquitaine region.

PCOs, service providers specialised in organising scientific and medical events, are the ideal partners when planning an attractive, customised event. These experts handle every aspect of the congress (logistics, marketing, communication, finding sponsors, management of participants, etc.). We are used to partnering with these expert agencies (Colloquium, Overcome, Heral, EduPartners, Eventime, MCO, Comm Santé…) and we appreciate their professionalism. We thank them for the trust they place in our team to lead their projects, which often develop into long-term partnerships.

Bordeaux, an innovative destination, always a preferred location among congress organisers

Congress and symposium organisers are continuing to rely on Bordeaux. The city’s tourist and economic attractiveness has not diminished. The metropolitan area and the entire region benefit from the excellence of its scientific and medical sectors and contribute to the development of new stakeholders and partnerships.

Health, a sector of excellence in Nouvelle Aquitaine

The region’s health sector is especially successful and present in 4 major priority sectors: medical devices, e-health, biotechnology and pharmacy, and cosmetics. The Nouvelle Aquitaine region has brought together 8 business clusters and one competitiveness cluster with the Alliance Innovation Santé (Cancer-Bio-Health, Limousin Medical Cluster, ICT Health Cluster, Osasuna, 2ACBI, RDM-NA, Technopole du Grand Poitiers and GIPSO). It represents 250 companies and 36 research and training institutions.

Bordeaux is developing research of excellence and a global reputation in the fields of neuroscience, cardiology, imaging and oncology. The Nouvelle Aquitaine region is also home to Neurocampus Bordeaux, a centre for research in neuroscience with international influence, bringing together 650 specialised researchers.

Bordeaux has also devoted resources to developing innovation and health technology by hosting and contributing to the development of start-ups in the health field through the French Tech programme and various incubators located throughout the urban area.

The University Hospital (CHU) and the University of Bordeaux: two models of excellence

The Bordeaux university hospital has been recognised for the high quality of its care, facilities, and

staff. In 2020, it was once again at the top of the annual public hospital ranking carried out by the

magazine Le Point.

For its part, the University of Bordeaux, one of the country’s five “IDEX” (Initiative of Excellence) universities, plays a major role in the attractiveness of the region, with its 80,000 students and 11,600 researchers, which contribute to numerous research programmes.

With these strengths and a pool of world-renowned scientific experts, Bordeaux remains an ideal city for organising national and international conferences, symposia and medical, scientific and technical congresses.

Schedule of scientific and medical congresses to be hosted by Bordeaux Events between September and December 2021 :

  • 9-10 September, the 68th Congress of the French Society of Oral Surgery, organised by MCO Marseille, will be held at the Cité Mondiale Convention Centre.
  • 20 and 21st September, the 9th National Days for French Federation of Health Centres, organised by Colloquium, will be held at the Congress Centre.
  • 6-8 October, the 48th National Study and Training Days – ADC – CCECQA – IRTSwill be held at the Cité Mondiale Convention Centre.
  • 24 to 26 November, the 29th National Symposium of Centres for Teaching and Emergency Services (CESU), organised by HERAL will be held at the Congress Centre.
  • 1st to 3rd December, the 17th National Days for the French and Francophone Society of Geriatric Oncology (SOFOG), organised by Comm Santé, will be held at the Cité Mondiale Convention Centre.
  • 9 to 10 December the 9th Days for Consensus, News and Perspectives on Organ Supply (CAPSO), organised by Overcome, will be held at the Cité Mondiale Convention Centre.
  • 9 to 11 December, the French and Francophone Society for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders (SOFFCOMM), organised by EduPartners, will be held at the Congress Centre.
  • 15 to 17 December, the 6th European Endometriosis Congress Bordeaux 2021, organised by Eventime, will be held at the Cité Mondiale Convention Centre.
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