MAHOLA is an agency specialised in event hosting for businesses, retail and sales promotion. The MAHOLA team operates in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region (an agency based in Bordeaux) and throughout France thanks to its 25 national agencies providing a local contact for its clients.

DNA: a model of excellence, human contact, sharing and innovation.

The agency pays attention to every detail to ensure a unique client experience. For each of its activities, its provides its staff with a specific training and quality programme to create service signatures in close keeping with each client’s culture.

MAHOLA is more than just an outstanding service; it is a genuine identity fostered by the bold natures and personalities which shape our uniqueness.


Event hosting

From fairs to conferences, special events, evenings or sales events, the agency offers the public a high-end welcome and seamless, efficient collaboration with its clients. It provides a comprehensive package to supplement its offer with technical and logistic services. High-quality profiles, the management of unforeseen events, secured service provisions and in-depth knowledge of the event; MAHOLA also develops innovative solutions to optimise the hosting of guests.

Business hosting

MAHOLA’s Privilege Hosting department selects and trains profiles in the Mahola Attitude, to form a professional and attentive team. Their task is to welcome each visitor as an outstanding guest.

Retail hosting

MAHOLA provides a service geared towards in-store events, with bilingual or trilingual hosts and hostesses who welcome customers as VIPs.

Sales events

MAHOLA offers specialised, tailor-made events for sales activities and promotion, such as stand management, demonstrations, street marketing, etc.


MAHOLA is ISO 20121-certified for its in-house operations and the responsible management of its event activity.

As part of its CSR policy, MAHOLA prioritises employment for young and disabled people. It has developed a programme of eco-actions based specifically on resource-saving and alternative mobility. Its sleek uniforms are eco-designed and clients are invited to participate in its inclusive reforestation programme.

The company has signed the Charter for Diversity and has confirmed its commitment through the creation of an Ethical Charter. 

Contact: Alice LOMBREZ, Project Officer

Ph: +33(0)5 40 24 37 00

Mobile: +33(0)6 62 08 88 07


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