Franck Chaumes is a key figure in the event catering industry in Bordeaux.

He has been the head of BCC Catering, a partner of Bordeaux Events – Congrès Expositions de Bordeaux – for over 20 years, as the exclusive service provider for coffee breaks for professional events organised at our venues.

Frank Chaumes is a local. Born in Bordeaux, he learned the trade from his parents, who are well-known in the industry. He was immersed in the events industry for many years as the manager of the Brasserie du Lac at the Exhibition Centre, which came to life with each new trade show and exhibition.

As a seasoned restaurant owner, he has a strong track record.

After building the reputation of Brasserie de l’Orléans and Café Bellini (which he has since sold) in the heart of Bordeaux, he invested in many different projects with his team’s support. His most recent exploits, dating back to the spring of 2020, have not gone unnoticed.

First, Terrasse 14.

The pop-up bar provided the perfect solution for relaxing outdoors while respecting the social distancing measures imposed due to the health crisis during the summer of 2020.

After this initial success, the bar re-opened in late June 2021 for a second summer season.

We were immediately won over by Frank Chaumes’ proposal to create a rooftop bar on the panoramic terrace at Hangar 14 overlooking the Garonne

says Karine Santamaria

The enthusiasm for this concept paved the way for new projects. This summer, in 2021, Franck Chaumes partnered with Bordeaux Exhibition Centre to open a second pop-up location, Les Escales du Lac ( Located right next to the Exhibition Centre, it is the most spacious terrace in Bordeaux. The space features cocktails, Berber tents, food trucks, a DJ, and areas to play pétanque and Molkky. 

2 venues, 2 environments with a single goal: creating urban outdoor spaces to give Bordeaux residents a place to relax.

In 2020, Franck Chaumes also took over the management of Café de l’Orangerie in Jardin Public. Since then, the space has been completely transformed and now has a friendly, bistro feel.

Franck Chaumes is very involved in the local ecosystem–he is vice president of UMIH 33 and chairs the steering committing for EXP’HÔTEL.

« Although I have been affected by the health crisis, I remain just as motivated and prepared to promote the region’s catering professionals and expertise»

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