Typhaine Delannoy and Justine Fabas, corporate market sales managers, tell us about their responsibilities and everyday life as members of the Bordeaux Events team.

Can you briefly explain your responsibilities as corporate market sales managers?

Justine : My name is Justine, and I am 28. Before joining Bordeaux Events, I had the opportunity of gaining experience in a variety of areas. I began my career in sports events, then moved on to tourism, working for Booking and Bluevalet.

I have now been part of the Bordeaux Events team for one year as a corporate market manager.  Typhaine and I divide the market by sector. I handle incoming requests from companies seeking to organise professional events in the building, property, construction, environment and bank/insurance sectors. Our job also involves going to meet new companies and events agencies.

I’m Typhaine and I’m 35. After completing training in sales and marketing, I joined Bordeaux Events at the same time as Justine. My previous career mainly involved negotiation and trading activities with B2B companies, in sectors including business start-up.

I am also a corporate market sales manager. I handle all the subjects not covered by Justine’s sectors, with the same priorities of responding to the incoming requests we receive and create enthusiasm among new organisers. A large proportion of our work is devoted to supporting clients who have already organised an event with us and could have other needs for similar or complementary events.

What is typical workday like for you?

Typhaine : Our work includes a major relational component.We spend a lot of time on the phone, responding to incoming requests and prospecting for new clients. We also spend a lot of time in the field, visiting our 5 venues or meeting clients at their offices. We do not always stay in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region. We often travel to visit clients in Paris or Lyon, for example. We also have sales management responsibilities (quotes, schedules).

Justine : I agree with Typhaine on this breakdown. Our work can be divided into three categories: phone, field, and administration. We also occasionally participate in networking events (after-hours events, meetings, evening events) to connect with potential organisers and present our venues and services.

What do you like most about your job?

Justine : I really enjoy the complementary fit between the different activities and the dynamic nature of it all. We have a wide variety of tasks, between prospecting, managing incoming requests, and visiting the venues, which means we are never bored!

Typhaine : For me, the best part is following projects from start to finish, from the initial phases to the final event. The best return on our efforts is the organisers and participants’ satisfaction. At Bordeaux Events, we pride ourselves on supporting our customers, particularly during this period of crisis.

What qualities must a corporate market sales manager have?

Typhaine : Organisational skills, in order to follow up with clients, and empathy, in order to listen and understand each person’s needs, and respond in the best way possible.

Justine : Listening skills and curiosity are key. It is important to be able to search for as much information as possible to assist the business managers. They are the ones who take over for us and support clients in the execution of their events.

What are the recommended studies for your profession?

Justine : I have a business school background with training in marketing techniques and I also did studies at a specialist higher education institution. But there is no standard training required for this profession. The internships and initiatives students take in addition to their studies are just as valuable.

Typhaine : I entirely agree with Justine. In the end, experience is what makes a good sales person. At Bordeaux Events, customer satisfaction is the key to our profession. We value quality over quantity. We all have the same goal of earning our customers’ loyalty.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Typhaine : Justine and I arrived at Bordeaux Events at the same time. I think she would agree that we both still have a lot to learn. Despite the health crisis, we are ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work, keeping in mind that there is still much to be done and to reinvent.

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