Placeco’s anniversary marks the rebound of the event industry

Last year, Yann Buanec and his team chose Bordeaux Congress Centre as their venue to launch a new regional economic media company aimed at promoting Gironde-based entrepreneurs and economic stakeholders.

For their first anniversary, they once again demonstrated their trust in our Bordeaux Events team and repeated the experience at the same venue, which is perfectly suited to their needs.

One Thursday 8 September, 450 guests gathered for a very unique event in a fun and friendly atmosphere that was truly a key to its success. The programme included a mock trial related to remote work (a very relevant topic), meetings between local economic stakeholders, and a cocktail reception provided by Capdevielle Traiteur.

This business event is a very good signal of the event industry’s recovery. We are witnessing genuine enthusiasm among professionals and economic stakeholders over this resumption of activities, which allows them to reconnect with their contacts and boost their businesses.

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